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Brendan Smith, owner of Matador Septic Pumping of Lubbock, TX and his family, are here for you.
Brendan Smith Matador Septic Pumping Lubbock, TX
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Septic Tank Services

Matador Septic Pumping serves all septic and sewer sludge needs in the Lubbock, TX area
Brendan Smith of Matador Septic Pumping of Lubbock, TX dumps a septic tank and repairs a septic line
Matador Septic Pumping of Lubbock, TX cleans a septic line for local septic tank RV park mobile home

Septic Tank Services

Brendan Smith Matador Septic Pumping Lubbock, TX
Brendan Smith Matador Septic Pumping Lubbock, TX
Brendan Smith Matador Septic Pumping Lubbock, TX
Notice a foul smell coming from the bathroom, drain or sinks? Your septic system may need a routine cleaning or pumping.
Commonly, septic tanks must be drained of sludge and waste about every 3-5 years, depending on the size of the tank and amount of usage (household members).  
Some common signs of back-up include: an unusually foul odor in the bathroom area, waste backing up into the drains, or a very green area in the yard around the septic tank where waste water has leaked out.  In this case the septic tank needs to be pumped out.
The clean-out process is fast, easy and safe.  Same day or next day service is often provided. 
To avoid overfilling in the future, schedule routine service with Matador Septic Pumping.  We will get you taken care of on a regular basis every few years to prevent backup and expensive repairs.
Read here for EPA recommendations on septic pumping. 
Read here for Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.
New to septic tanks? Read TAMU AgriLife guide here.


Brendan Smith Matador Septic Pumping Lubbock, TX
Signs of Backed Up Septic Tank:
  • Foul odor near drains, sinks & bathroom.
  • Lush, green area around tank.
  • Plumbing drains slowly throughout house.
Matador Septic Pumping Lubbock, TX Brendan Smith

Sometimes the septic system may need routine repairs.  These include: riser installation, baffle repair, leach line repair, pipe repair, and even removal of roots. 

If the smell is coming from are area between the septic tank and the drainfield, there may be a broken pipe in need of repair. 

Let Matador Septic Pumping take care of your repair needs. We take pride in caring for your home and treat it like it is our own. Call us today. 806-224-5690
When buying a new home, you may want to inspect the septic system.  Inspection can include pumping the tank to check components or camera viewing. 
Drainage and sludge layers may be inspected by Matador Septic Pumping for leaks around the area as well
We also provide inspections for realtors to ensure components of the septic system are working properly before purchase, as repairs can be costly if undetected
Buying or selling a home, contact us now to have your septic system inspected by someone you can trust.
Click here for info about maintaining a septic system from TAMU AgriLife.


Matador Septic Pumping Inspection for Septic Tanks Lubbock, TX
Inspections Can Include:
  • Inspect baffles & divider wall
  • Check drain line into house
  • Residential Inspections
  • Check drainfield (leach) lines
  • Preventative checks
Matador Septic Pumping RV and Mobile Home Septic Tanks Lubbock, TX
Mobile Home Parks, RV Parks, Storage Buildings & Shop Warehouses
Safe water storage is imperative to the health and well being of those using a septic system.
Corrosive chemicals may harm the pipes and septic system. Be aware. Read labels carefully and buy only biodegrade products safe for the environment.
Remember to use 'septic safe' toilet paper and never flush other products. This helps extend the life of your septic tank.
Mobile Home Owners and RV Owners
Click here for more info on safe water disposal. 
Matador Septic Pumping Lubbock, TX
Matador Septic Pumping Logo Lubbock, TX Brendan Smith

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