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Common Reasons why a Septic System Doesn't Work Properly

Having a home with a septic system means that you have to pay attention to how well the pipes, drains, and other plumbing work. A septic system can definitely make your life easier, but if the system isn’t working properly, then it can cause issues throughout your home. If your septic system is not performing as it should, then the following typical issues might be why. Fortunately, we can help take care of them.

Putting harmful items down your pipes

One of the most common issues with septic systems is being filled with chemicals, products, and other items that shouldn’t be going down your pipes. When you have a septic system, never pourwater softeners, medications, cooking oil, and other chemicals down your sink, or flush them down your toilet. Not only can these things end up causing a clog in your tank, but they can actually disturb the good bacteria in your septic tank, causing it to stop working.

If you’re worried that your cleaning products are causing an issue in your septic system, then don’t stress too much. Most standard household cleaning products are safe for septic systems. Just avoid using too many chemicals at once.

Damaging growth around your tank

Another reason why a septic system might be working improperly is that something is growing around your tank like tree roots, which tend to do the most damage to a septic system.

Specifically, if you’ve found that sewage is backing up into your drains, your roots might have taken over your pipes. Other signs to look out for are if you have started getting cracks in your sidewalk or driveway, and there are puddles and wet spots around your lawn. Roots can crack and break your drain pipes and even cause major damage and clog your sewer pipes. So if you aren’t sure whether roots are indeed the root of your septic problem, then let us to take a look.

Using too much water

Another issue that can go into a failing septic system is too much water going down your pipes than the tank can handle. Whether you’ve had many guests recently, had to do a lot more laundry, or needed to wash your dishes by hand and left the tap running, if you’re using more water than before, then you might overflowing your septic tank.

A septic tank that’s overflowing cannot function properly and can actually end up leaking, causing wastewater to rise up through the ground or go back up your pipes.

Clogging or leaking

If you’ve let too many solids make their way to your septic tank, then they can leak and start to settle in your disposal field.

If your septic tank has a clog, make sure it’s been pumped properly. We’re more than happy to help with that, especially since pumping your septic system is a critical component of septic maintenance.


Your septic system is a complex piece of machinery that requires proper maintenance, because many issues can cause it to work improperly. If you’ve experienced any of the listed issues, or any issue, with your septic tank, then give Matador Septic a call. We can further assess the situation and hopefully stop your system from completely breaking down.

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