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Why Properly Dispose of Waste

Taking out the trash is a standard household chore. Regardless of who the regular trash-can emptier is at your house, you know that the job will get done (eventually) and soon your home will be garbage free. Proper waste disposal is extremely important. But did you know that having a septic system means managing waste disposal becomes even more important?

Your septic tank takes in all the water from your house, settles all the solids, and then pretreats the water before it moves to the piping system. So, if there’s too much waste in your water, then that goes straight to your septic system, and that’s just asking for problems.

Your septic system isn’t a garbage can

Remember everything that goes down your drains will end up in your septic system. We’re talking the water (and everything in it) that you shower in, flush down your toilets, pour down the bathroom sinks, and even what goes in your garbage disposal in the kitchen. And while your septic system is made to handle an average amount of waste, the system is still not a garbage can. So, think twice before you try to flush 20 sheets of toilet paper or those baby wipes down the toilet. All that will end up in your septic tank, and if it gets too full, then it can fail.

A garbage disposal is still a good idea

Being careful about what you put down your drains is important. However, most food waste should definitely go into your garbage disposal. A garbage disposal is there for a reason, and you can still use yours with your septic system. Putting things like cooking grease, oil, pills, coffee grounds, paper towels, or household chemicals down your garbage disposal is a recipe for a disaster. Not only can these things damage the disposal itself, but they can also make their way to your septic system and wreak havoc. So, while a garbage disposal is a great tool, just make sure you’re using it mindfully. Improper use of your garbage disposal can lead to more waste in your septic system than it can handle.

Too much waste can trash your septic system

While there are other ways a septic system can break down, not properly disposing of your waste is one of quickest ways your system could fail. And while we at Matador Septic will always be there to help, we don’t want your system to fail. When you flush feminine hygiene products, wipes, or paper towels, you are risking a clog your septic tank. And when you put oil or harsh cleaning products down your garbage disposal, the oil can congeal, and the cleaning products might kill the good bacteria your septic system depends on.


If you own a septic system, then properly disposing of your waste must be taken very seriously. An average amount of toilet paper, and standard food waste aren’t going to destroy your septic system, but if you aren’t careful of what is going down your drains, then you might end up needing to call us for repair sooner rather than later.

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