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What is Water Efficiency and how Does it Affect Your Septic System?

Your septic tank sees a lot of water

Your septic tank is an underground, concrete chamber that treats household water as it flows through. Your septic tank functions as a small sewage facility on your property. Having your own personal facility is great, but because of the nature of septic system, it handles a ton of water. A septic system for a family of four handles an average of 380 liters of wastewater per day. And if you aren’t being mindful of how much water your family uses, your septic system could pay the price.

Using less water

Using as little water as possible is so much better for your septic system than using a ton of water (imagine letting the water in your kitchen sink run for an extended period of time while doing dishes, or taking hour-long showers every day). For example, the majority of water used by a typical family is sink water, and that overloads your septic system. Avoid an overloaded septic system, because doesn’t allow the solids in your wastewater to settle and can lead to a clogged drain field —eventually requiring a new and costly septic system.

One manner to practice water efficiency in your household is to use less water. For instance, when you brush your teeth, turn the water off while brushing instead of leaving it running. Also practice this when washing your hands, your face, or even your dishes. All of these are easy ways to be more water efficient and easier on your septic system.

Using water-efficient appliances

Finally, to help keep your septic system healthy and running at full capacity, consider investing in water-efficient appliances. For instance, the Environmental Protection Agency recommends using high-efficiency toilets, high-efficiency showerheads, and Energy Star washing machines to use less overall water in your home and prevent overloading your septic system. While upgrading your appliances might seem costly, doing so can make a big difference in how much water your septic system handles and help extend the life of your septic tank even further — saving you money in the long run.


When maintaining a septic system, water efficiency is an important consideration, and it is the best way to help ensure your system lasts. If you’re worried that your septic system might be overloaded from a lack of water efficiency, then don’t hesitate to give us at Matador Septic a call! We’re happy to inspect your tank and make sure everything is running properly.

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